Lord K’s Garage #176: Silver Arrows (III)

| 22nd March 2013

Another page of the Mercedes-Benz racecar saga: the W154: Shortly after the first races were held organizers created rules and regulations to create a somewhat level playing field and to keep things relatively safe. In that light the rules setup for Grand Prix racing from 1934 to 1936 made little sense. The main element was […]

Cap’n Tony’s Atomic Cabaret #(5)5: Come Fly with Me to Argentina! (Triple Music & Drinks!)

| 15th December 2012

Hello again, you crazy Cats and cool Chicks!  Ready to join the Cabaret on an exciting flight across the Americas? With travel arrangements on board a luxurious TWA Constellation (“Connie”), the largest and fastest land-based passenger airliner yet built, we’ll tour the lower latitudes of our western continents with stops in tropical Yucatan in Mexico, spicy […]

Radio MetronomiK Show #8

| 10th September 2012

Well it is time to Radio shows, and MetronomiK it´s on the aether web again with their #8 Show. Here you can listen spanish dieselpunk music as Casino Slut Bar from México, Rosario Smowing from Argentina and Dry Martina from Spain. Also we have electro-swing, rockabilly, and some clasics… just go to Radio MetronomiK´s blog and listen […]

S.A.M. #61: And They Called Him Bombi

| 8th September 2012

This Saturday, our airmail is brought to you by a quintessential Dieselpunk aircraft right from Argentina: It is the first Argentine-designed combat airplane. Its story is a bit controversial, at least when told in English, but I was lucky enough to find a credible article on 1000aircraftphotos.com, written by Dr. Georg v. Rauch and Dr. […]

Brick Magazine from Argentina

| 23rd May 2012

Magazines come in two basic types, single or double stack, meaning rounds are stacked in a single row or slightly staggered, doubling capacity and creating wider magazine. This is model has been standared for pistols, submachine guns and rifles for 70+ years, with the occasional “stick magazine” aberration. In 1938 however, Argentina decided 20 rounds of […]

Argentina’s .45 SMG

| 9th May 2012

If you’re a gun geek like me, something small, the littlest thing about a weapon can excite you. Sometimes its the method of operation, other times its the inventive way they solve weight or size issues. For me the Argentinian Halcon M-1943 has a great stock. Yes, you heard me right, this pretty mundane SMG […]

Sunday Streamline #54: Who Cries For You, Argentina?

| 19th February 2012

Where do I begin?..  Should we take a narrow gauge or a broad ‘Indian’ one? There are five main gauges in Argentina, you know. At least two of these gauges – 1000mm and 1676mm (5 ft. 8 in.) once had streamliners running on them. In 1934, Buenos Aires Western Railway received one British-built diesel electric […]