Steampunk Inspiration #10; Mr. Stephen Crowe

| 28th January 2013

Engineer, by ~StephenCrowe One of the challenges that become more apparent as the Steampunk and Dieselpunk genre begin to mature, is finding art that is able to delinate the line between Steampunk’s Art Nouveau style and Dieselpunk’s Art Deco.  There are those who, for whatever reason, confuse the two – which is unfortunate, because though […]

Is it next year yet?

| 11th December 2012

First off, an apology: the book giveaway is really, truly happening this week, and I’m very sorry for all the delays. We’re getting more and more new books in to review and give away, and in 2013 I will get back on the steampunked librarian track and stick to deadlines! Sir Reginald apologizes as well, […]

Art Nouveau on Deviant Art!

| 8th September 2012

The New Solo Arcanist, by ~Asraniel (#artnouveau) One of the pleasures of Steampunk is its impact on providing a new focus on the classic art genre of the ear, specifically Art Nouveau.  One can easily appreciate the classic works of Mucha, the “godfather” of the graphic Art Nouveau style, but there are many exceptionally talented artists […]

Steampunk Travelogue: The Looking Glass

| 16th October 2011

Most of the Steamlands have held steady over the past few years, with only a handful of new entities coming online.  There, however, is a slowly developing trend to integrate Steampunk aspects into new sims, without making the entire sim into the them.  Some succeed, some struggle, but one which stands out is a beautiful […]

Mr. Chaz Kemp – Superlative Steampunk Art Nouveau Illustrator!

| 2nd April 2011

Gaslight Underground by Mr. Chaz Kemp As many my have read before (and perhaps even agree), I tend to believe that Art Nouveau is the perhaps the apex of Steampunk genre art.  it has roots in the historical sense, but re-imagined for the Steampunk genre.  Finding excellent artists to represent what might might call “Steampunk […]

Steampunk Tarot cards from Curley Cue Designs…

| 20th February 2011

The Magician and The Empress cards I received word of an exceptional design house which has released a set of extremely impressive Tarot cards, with a Steampunk theme.  Curley Cue Design has a wide variety of unique and impressive works, but their Steampunk Tarot deck most certainly displays an extensive infusion of Art Nouveau / […]

New Art Nouveau works…

| 22nd January 2011

ArtNouveau, by Lilythepink7 Steampunk (and Dieselpunk) are unique in one sense that they correlate to unique historical aesthetic movements.  While Dieselpunk could easily be said to be influence by Bauhaus, Art Deco, and Streamline Moderne, I would say that the major influence on Steampunk artistic scene would be Art Nouveau.  Most individuals involved with Steampunk are familiar with the classic works […]