Con or Bust! 2012 Auction has Opened

| 11th February 2012

Con or Bust!, the fundraiser that helped me get to WisCon34 back in 2010, has now opened for bidding on its various items! I also has an item up for bidding: The Steampowered Globe. If you would like to get a copy of this Singaporean steampunk anthology delivered to you personally from me and donate […]

Happy Lunar New Year!

| 23rd January 2012

So this post is scheduled way in advance since I probably am not going to have Internet connectivity at all this day, for reasons of Holidaying With The Nuclear Family. I am probably somewhere in the vicinity of the African continent at the moment (I believe our destination is South Africa), but I thought I […]

Dear White People, You CAN Say “People Of Colour”

| 19th December 2011

There is this thing Ay-Leen and I do at our Steam Around the World presentation, and it’s when we get to talking about racism. We get the whole audience to yell, “RACISM!” This is what I like to explain as a speech act. Here’s a thing explaining what speech acts are, and how we like […]

I wonder why race matters in steampunk, do you?

| 7th December 2011

At my first ever steampunk-themed event, I looked around, and I was the only visible POC there. Same time, Ay-Leen would go to a con and at a crowd of over a hundred, maybe more, only two people in the crowd would be visible POC. Recently, two little boys were called racial slurs in class. […]

Happy Blogiversary to Beyond Victoriana!

| 25th October 2011

It is! I know! Yeah, our blogiversaries are only a few days apart! No it’s not because we’re sekrit twins or anything like that (though we HAVE confused people before by our similar-but-not-same content)!  Ay-Leen, as you may know, began writing about steampunk and being Asian in steampunk MUCH earlier than this first official Beyond […]

Tor Book’s Steampunk Week – 3rd to the 7th of October!

| 4th October 2011

The good fellows and ladies at have launched Steampunk Week (starting today), hosted by the indubitable Miss Ay-Leen the Peacemaker!  Chock full of excellent Steampunk articles, insights, and intriguing banter, a visit is most certainly a must – to do so, please follow the link, and do begin with Monday’s collection, at: Additionally, Barnes and Noble […]

Con Report: Nova Albion, March 25 – 27 2011

| 15th May 2011

Originally written for and posted at’s Nova Albion Convention Extravaganza. This is the graphics-less edition.   So, Nova Albion Steampunk Exhibition, ya’ll. I’m going to start at the beginning, which is way before the actual convention itself. You may not like what you read. In fact, ya’ll might accuse me of negativity. Fair ’nuff. […]

The Steampunk Postcolonialist at Nova Albion

| 21st March 2011

Heads-up, faithful readers! Uh, if you’re still reading that is. Silver Goggles has been neglected in favour of grad school and until term papers are done and dealt with, there’s not a whole lot I can do about that. I’ll post my final MRP proposal if that’ll make you happy, though. I also have some […]

MRP Adventures: And the question is…

| 9th November 2010

What can postcolonial criticism do for literary steampunk? I’ve been working on narrowing down exactly what I want to do for my MRP. Coming off’s Steampunk Fortnight and seeing these wonderful posts by Nisi, Amal, and Ay-Leen (and seeing them being cited in relevant places), and reading further commentary from Jeff Vandermeer (who, bless him, […]

Quick Links: Steampunk Fortnight @

| 21st October 2010

Sci-fi and fantasy blog is taking another stab at Steampunk after their fantastic Steampunk Month series last year, which you might want to check out! There’s not much up yet, but the fabulous Ay-Leen the Peacemaker has a beautiful essay on the Ao Dai, which made my inner costume nerd giddy with joy, and […]