Museum Director Sparks Neckwear Crisis

| 25th January 2012

The first foreign director of the V&A museum, Professor Martin Roth, has publicly denounced the decline of neckties worn by British men, in an interview with Country Life magazine. The 57-year-old German professor and former general director of the Dresden State Art Collection bemoaned slipping sartorial standards in Britain, declaring “nobody seems to wear a […]

Heroines! Edited Transcript

| 19th October 2010

Serafina Puchkina: As people are getting their chairs, I clear my throat and begin: A gracious welcome to you. We are thrilled, pleased, and giddy with glee to welcome you to today’s Aether Salon, entitled Heroines! Thank you all for joining us today. Bear with us today, for we have a bit of a problem: […]