Dieselpunks and Old Soldiers

| 12 months ago

My friends, I write to you today from a place of deep sadness and astounding joy for the future. In my 7+ years as Dieselpunks’ owner and lead developer I have witnessed the brightest humans in my life refer to me as their friend. I am truly humbled. In honor of these individuals, I have […]

Hard Facing a DIY Anvil

| 26th January 2016

I have been assembling an anvil from several slabs of mild steel that have been kicking around the workshop. I milled a horn onto one slab and in this video I harden the billet that will be the top of the anvil. The “right” way to do this is to weld a 1/2″ plate of […]

DIY Table Saw Dust Collector

| 31st December 2014

I am very careful with saw dust in my workshop ever since discovering that I was allergic to it several years ago. However, I’ve gotten tired of dragging my large shop vac from machine to machine in my workshop for dust collecting when cutting wood. I realized that I was able to acquire a steady […]

DIY Powder Coat/Curing/Reflow Oven

| 2nd December 2014

I found  a very clean, barely used toaster oven at the dump. I originally intended it for the kitchen but it turned out that the toast function timer was bad, so off it went to the workshop. I tried using it a couple of times for curing paint and epoxies but even at the lowest […]

DIY Vibratory Tumbler

| 12th January 2014

When I built the Girl Genius Radio Theater Microphone I had some brass plates water-jet cut and I bought a vibratory tumbler to polish them. The tumbler came from Eastwood and while it did a very nice job on the parts for the microphone, it failed shortly thereafter. When I took it apart I found that the […]

DIY Steampunk goggles at Makerfaire…

| 23rd May 2013

A nice little, if albeit rough video of some creative endeavors regarding the work towards personalizing a nice pair of goggles at the 2013 Makerfaire.  Not all process may apply towards your own work, but it is intersting to watch – do enjoy!

Issue 9 Now Available For Pre Order!

| 18th April 2013

  Steampunk Magazine Issue 9 is now available for preorder!   This long-awaited issue is our thickest yet, coming in at 118 pages of mad science, history, interviews, fashion, and fiction!   This issue covers such subjects as: dieselpunk, anti-fascist fashion, DIY miniature airships, paper dolls, the New Orleans general strike of 1892, loaded dice […]

Steampunk DIY: Steampunk Painting Technique (on plastic)

| 28th March 2013

Continuing with more DIY endeavors, this particular video from itsatrapuk focuses on painting items to produce a “brass” look – perfect for all those PVC and plastic-based items that just do not look quite right!  There is a quite a bit of paint involved, but hte end result does look quite nice – something to […]

Steampunk DIY: A Steampunk Venetian Mask

| 16th March 2013

An item that seems to be a popular decoration in its original painted form, I thought this Steampunk Venetian mask would be a nice alternative and/or addition to one’s Steampunk abode.  It has some time-jumping (e.g. steps are are described which look as if they took a bit of time), but the finished result is […]

Steampunk DIY: Small insignia and associated items

| 6th March 2013

While I don’t particularly have much experience with working with putty clay and molds, I’ve considered trying to design some types of items for Steampunk purposes using the above items.  A bit involved (a tad under ten minutes), but the above video from Mara Johnson is an excellent primer for getting started – Do enjoy!