A Little bit of Jabber, Tête-à-Tête, and a Whole Bunch of FREE PUNK READS!

| 13th October 2015

I recently interviewed a multi-punk-genre, short story writer who posts his punk pieces for readers on wattpad–a free online reading and writing site that a lot of us Punkettes use. He was nice enough to link us to an extensive list of free readings at the bottom. Here are my favorite questions and answers from […]

FREE Random Back Issue Offer

| 17th February 2014

The Chap has launched a radical new reader offer, in a drive to persuade more readers to subscribe to the print edition of our mighty organ of sartorial splendour. It works like this: if you like the cut of The Chap’s jib, but feel unwilling to commit to an annual subscription before having the magazine […]

SteamPunk Magazine #8!

| 8th February 2012

Two years after issue #7, SteamPunk Magazine is back and better than ever, with over 110 pages of content and a color cover by our own Doctor Geof. PURCHASE: $8 from Combustion Books (Note that this currently ships only from the US until we get a UK distributor.) FREE DOWNLOAD: print | web Featuring interviews […]

Event of Interest: Anna Chen Presents “Traders” Feb 16

| 31st January 2012

I had the honour of having British-Chinese comedienne Anne Chen drop in on this here little blawg to plug an upcoming event in Greenwich, UK! It’s a Steampunk Opium Wars extravaganza, at the Greenwich National Maritime Museum, where there will be song and poetry about the Opium Wars, and folks playing historical figures from the […]

Robotic Edition of Huck Finn Launch Party! (free booze and robot art)

| 6th December 2011

[There is a video that cannot be displayed in this feed. Visit the blog entry to see the video.]   Who speaks for dead 19th century authors?  Diani, Devine, and Steampunks do!  In a horrible twist of events, the publishing company that currently has the rights to publish Huck Finn, decided to replace the N-word […]

the past, the present, the future…

| 25th January 2011

There's speculation that steampunk increased in popularity due to its parallels between Victorian and modern times. Two books recently written — one on the craze of "true crime" reporting in Victorian London and one on the perils of 19th century anarchist terrorism activity — would seem to add some support to that theory.  (I think […]