Back Issues Rebundled

| 2 months ago

As the new format of the Chap makes its way into our office, we have archived all our […]

Latest Issue Sensation!

| 11 months ago

The Chap’s latest sterling edition makes the unprecedented move of putting a lady on the cover for the second time in a row. The lady in question is Jackie Bouvier Kennedy Onassis, who we decided was such a stylish icon that her life deserved an in-depth profile. This was a lady who wrote articles about […]

New Issue Bellows from the Rooftops

| 12th April 2013

The Chap’s latest edition sought an audience with barrel-voiced thespian and explorer Brian Blessed, who got Michael “Atters” Attree in a headlock and told him about climbing Everest in tweeds, hearing about the Dalai Lama’s sex life, having out-of-body-experiences, threatening to knock Oliver Reed’s teeth down his throat and blazers. Elsewhere, we focus on the […]

Issue 65 With Bells on its Trousers

| 12th October 2012

The latest issue of The Chap, in the shops today, looks at the crazy world of the beatniks and their sartorial forebears in early 20th century Bloomsbury. As well as documenting the lives of four of the main beatniks: Kerouac, Burroughs, Ginsberg, Huncke, we meet British beat poet Michael Horovitz, from whom Michael “Atters” Attree […]

Steampunk and Victorian Kickstarters endeavors!

| 12th July 2011

Felt it was about time to mention all the Steampunk Kickstarter options one has choose from – seems as if they multiply by the day!  I begin with the Ladies of Mischief, who are busy penning a book on Victorian knitting and patterns.  One might see that they have reached their stated goal, but that […]