Cap’n Tony’s Atomic Cabaret #5(8): Cowboys & Bebop

| 5th January 2013

It’s a long and winding road trip for the Cabaret today visiting two completely different ends of the music scale, the Country sounds of Nashville and the Bebop sounds of Kansas City, with the Rockabilly sound of Memphis in between!  While Cowboys & Bebop may seem as bizarre a combination as a Japanese Space Western, the two […]

A Welcomed Streetcar Comeback

| 8th March 2012

This gives me hope for the human race – I’ve been seeing all kinds of news about a revival of the use of streetcars. This elegant article was in Governing magazine: “Restored Streetcars Now Desirable” by Tod Newcombe. Sigh. Isn’t this beautiful? There are 23 more snapshots of Joel McNeil and the Brookville Equipment Corporation’s […]

Cap’n’s Cabaret #21: Kansas City Shuffle

| 5th March 2012

When the land is flat, you gotta make the music soar, or so the attitude seems to be in Kansas City (which, by the way, is in Missouri, not Kansas).  Here they swing like nowhere else with a smooth but transcendent sound epitomised by today’s guest star, native son the legendary Count Basie. Thank you TWA […]

Maker Faire, Clockwork Puppets, and so much more

| 13th September 2011

Some announcements!      The Steampunk Librarian Book Giveaway, Fall 2011 Edition, will be getting underway later this month. We have a huge pile of stuff to give away, and Sir Reginald is busy reading them all so he can opine about what you'll be winning.      This week, however, I'm off to New […]