| 28th April 2012

Next weekend in San Antonio, Texas is AetherFest. This will be our first time at AetherFest, (and my first time in San Antonio), but after meeting the organizers at other events across the country, we’re excited as hell. I (Margaret Killjoy, the current editor) will be performing as an accordionist for the first time in […]

Steampunk in the Far West – Steampunk & Wuxia meet in the American Wilds of the 1900s…

| 28th August 2011

I was researching for new articles and Steampunk works, and eyeing some of the latest Kickerstarter projects, when I came across a particular project which was quite stunning.  As those who are familiar with the Kickstarter program know, a project has a period of time to allow people to bid on a project – if […]