Sherlock Holmes: The Stuff of Nightmares

| 27th September 2013

A spate of bombings has hit London, causing untold damage and loss of life. Meanwhile a strangely garbed figure has been spied haunting the rooftops and grimy back alleys of the capital. What I Liked About it: -I have to start off by saying that The Punkettes gets loads of Sherlock Holmes. To the point where we are […]

The Wall Stree Journal review of … Baritsu (or the “Sherlock Holmes way of self-defense”)!

| 31st May 2013

Over the years I have penned a few articls on the genre martial art of Baritsu, but the Wall Street Journal had a very nice and informative article over the practice (which was demonstrated at the Steampunk World’s Fair earlier this year).  To take a peek at the proceedings, please visit the article at this […]

Book Review: Encounters of Sherlock Holmes

| 20th March 2013

The spirit of Sherlock Holmes lives on in this collection of fourteen brand-new adventures. What is it? A collection of short stories featuring our old friends, Sherlock Holmes, Dr. Watson, Mrs.Hudson and many more familiar faces. What I Liked The short stories within are amusing and well written. A few of them particularly stood out. We get […]

Book Giveaway Contest: The Lazarus Machine

| 22nd January 2013

The 2013 Book Giveaway Extravaganza begins! First up: an Advance Reader Copy of The Lazarus Machine by Paul Crilley.     It is 1895, and the Babbage Engine is reality. Tesla-powered contraptions are everywhere in London. So are shadowy government figures, and there are even rumors that Moriarty, presumed dead, is really alive, skulking about in […]

typewriters, torches and more

| 17th July 2012

Adding newfangled technology to classical music? Behold, the fantastic typewriter piece!     Imagine glasses that can see into your soul. Well, maybe not the soul, but at least into veins and possibly more!     The best bouquet ever: flowers made from Sherlock Holmes stories and a sonic screwdriver for a stem.     LEGO […]

S.A.M. #43: Sikorsky Transatlantic

| 28th April 2012

Igor Sikorsky is remembered as an aircraft designer well ahead of his time. But at least once in his long career, he was unfashionably late. As early as in 1913, he designed world’s first four-engine bomber (initially destined for transport &.research). Nine years later, he built an advanced two-engine transport, the S-29A: This spacious twin-engine biplane […]

Steampunk authors, bedtime stories, and theatre!

| 26th April 2012

Once more into the lesser explored reaches of the aethernet! In the past two years, steampunk fiction has become part of the mainstream, with thousands of anthologies, novels, and online narratives, to say nothing of how steampunk has filtered into the Hollywood movie production line (need I mention the Sherlock Holmes re-boot?).  With the proliferation […]

Nathan Fillion, the anitphone, and the versalator

| 6th March 2012

If you had the chance to rename the phonograph, what would you call it? A list of alternatives considered by Thomas Edison includes some gems, such as “anitphone” (“back talker”). I think he chose pretty wisely. Sherlock Holmes is alive and well in several incarnations these days, huzzah! Sure, you may have refrigerator magnets. You […]

Sherlock Holmes II is finally out!

| 17th December 2011

After surviving the recent low of Steampunk (yes, the oft mentioned, and quite painful to watch Justin Bieber “Steampunk” video”), a Steampunk gem has re-emerged!  Sherlock Holmes II, A Game of Shadows opens this evening, and I felt it was appropriate to give a quick mention to this well received production (or at least by […]

Results of the latest poll… with the new Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows trailer…!

| 21st October 2011

A bit behind on the poll results, so I’ll address the most immediate question, regarding the most anticipated Steampunk themed movie for the balance of the year.  The results were quite resounding, with Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows garnering 88 votes (or 70% of the total), followed by The Invention of Hugo Cabret with […]