Portlandia – Steampunk Convention

| 13th February 2013

I must admit, I”m not quite a fan of the series Portlandia, although many of my compatriots (at work and on the aethersphere) do sing its praises.  Be that as it may, upon coming across this clip of the “Steampunk Convention”, I have to admit, it was quite humorous and deserved a post!  Please do […]

Lost Souls of the Asylum Now Available

| 3rd October 2012

Lost Souls of the Asylum is a Steampunk compilation forged in the bowels of our very own forum.  As seen Here , after submissions, editing, and publishing you may now aquire this fine collection.  The Asylum is in reference to the Asylum Steampunk Convention that takes place in the UK And you can find out more information […]

Dylan Fox in Alt History Magazine

| 19th June 2012

In Dylan Fox’s Restless, Commodore Paul Nelson leads a flotilla British ironclads through the East China sea to the Chinese mainland. They escort the Colossus Engine, a weapon of unparalleled terror and destruction, and carry orders to subdue China and claim it for the British crown. A young Han girl called Bik Shu shovels coal […]