A return … and how to build a “Steampunk Mechanical Arm”!

| 27th June 2012

It appears that Tropical Storm Debby has wandered off after wreaking havoc on my local area (including my means of communication), so whilst I endeavor to arrange entries to get up to speed, I’m adding a very nice DIY work on building a Steampunk Mechanical Arm, by the ingenious builders at Arms Race!  Less destructive […]

Congratulations, Cthulhu, and more

| 26th October 2010

Congratulations to Giada, winner of our giveaway drawing for The Half-Made World! Many thanks to everyone who participated, and fear not, there will be more giveaways (and probably more snarky videos).   You may remember Tor's Steampunk Month from last year. This year, they've revamped it into the Steampunk Fortnight, with more great articles like […]

Steampunk Fortnight on Tor.com

| 23rd October 2010

My apologies for being a bit late with this for Steampunk Fortnight at Tor Books has already begun! Last year at around this time, Tor.com was deep in the throes of Steampunk Month, our first attempt to focus on a specific topic for a short period of time and see what we could say about […]