S.A.M. #54: Submarine Scouts

| 14th July 2012

When the radar existed only in science fiction but the aviation was already here, the most common way of spotting a distant target was to send a reconnaissance aircraft based aboard a battleship or a cruiser. For submarine fleet, spotting and early warning was probably even more vital than for the large surface ships. No […]

symposium recap

| 1st May 2012

Happy May Day to everyone!   The Steampunk Symposium was a great amount of fun, and you can see for yourself via some photos of the event! I was sad I didn't get a chance to meet Ay-leen, but I did get a chance to see many of the activities and browse the merchant bazaar, […]

symposium, take 2 dot dot dot

| 24th April 2012

I jumped the gun last week; the Steampunk Symposium comes to life THIS weekend in Cincinnati! (You’d think I would know, living here and all, but it’s been hectic lately.)     From the makers of Skyrim comes Dishonored, a rather steampunky looking game. Color me intrigued.     For Alex: Teletweet allows tweeting via […]