The Punkettes – An outstanding new Steampunk & Dieselpunk blog!

| 28th August 2012

As part of “window of opportunity” I’m enjoying whilst Mr. (Hurricane) Isaac passes by, I did want to make a point of posting on an excellent new blog titled “The Punkettes”!  This outstanding endeavor is the labor of three industrious writers each have the mantle of a genre affinity: Ms. R. Sky is the Clockpunkette, Ms. Lindsay […]

of predicting and traveling and drinking

| 14th February 2012

Back in 1900, predictions were made about the future, and many of them came true. So why not predict what 2112 will bring?      Ay-leen is compiling all steampunk-related conventions for the year, and it looks as if one might be able to travel for the entire year visiting convention after convention! There’s also […]