Interview on my modelling art

| 3 months ago

Several times, I published Dieselpunk-related pictures of my special kind of modelling art. Under the German title ‘Virtuelle Eisenbahnwelten’ (virtual railway worlds), the online campus magazine of TU Braunschweig, which is the University of Technology at Braunschweig, Germany, published an interview on my art activities. The text is in German but can be easily translated online using the Google translation tool:…

Marching Into March (Not Yet Swinging Into Spring, It’s Still Too Cold) With Pilsner’s Picks!

| 4 months ago

The Donald The President (or is that The President The Donald?), hasn’t found any reason to shut down Pilsner’s Picks yet, so here’s the March edition.

Notable this month, a real oddity in the enormous Duke Ellington discography: an early Ellington band record with an accordion as the featured instrument. I suspect that this is the only such record of the Duke’s, and I’ve heard most of them from the 20’s and 30’s. Who did he think he was, anyway? Lawrence Welk?!


Carlos Gardel

| 5 months ago

When I recently searched for the name Carlos Gardel but found no mention of him I was flabbergasted. I decided to rectify this glaring oversight in a website championing interbellum Western pop culture.

If you have not heard of Senor Gardel, that is understandable for several reasons: First, he performed in the musical genre of tango which is not as popular as it was in the Teens, Twenties, and Thirties. Second, he died on June 24 1935, before Frank Sinatra began his…

Victrola-Era Valentines – Or, The February Pilsner’s Picks!

| 5 months ago

It’s February, when a young man’s fancy turns to… no, not the groundhog, forget that lousy groundhog! I mean romance, as in Valentine’s Day. So, Mr. Romance himself, Pilsner Panther, will now wax romantic with the old wax.http://pilsnerspicks.blogsp…

Ring Out The Old, Ring In The… OLDER, With Pilsner’s Picks!

| 6 months ago

Who needs Mariah Carey when you can have Bessie Smith? Who never lip-synched anything, by the way— the technology didn’t exist in her time. But I have a feeling that she wouldn’t have done it even if it had been possible.

Anyway, as 2016 is flushed deservedly down the old commode, here’s the New Year Edition of Pilsner’s Picks.…

From The Jolly Old Elf, Himself, It’s The December Pilsner’s Picks!

| 7 months ago

Okay, so I’m not an elf, I’m usually not jolly, and as for that other part— never mind! Ho ho ho.

The Art of Ludwig Hohlwein

| 2nd October 2014

Let me present a Steam/Diesel era artist whose influence on advertising industry was (and remains) tremendous. A genius who stood at the side of Evil. Ludwig Hohlwein was born on July 26, 1874 in Wiesbaden, Germany and enjoyed a privileged childhood in a prominent family.* While studying architecture at the Technical University in Munich from […]

Why Live Music? A Serious Question

| 18th April 2014

Your car stereo. Your computer. Your MP3 player. Your phone. We’ve never had more technology enabling us to listen to music, and that technology has never been more mobile. And with services like iTunes, Spotify, Soundcloud, Bandcamp, GrooveShark, et al, we’ve never had more ways of discovering new music. And due to incredible advancements […]

Dieselpunks Interview: Photographic Artist Andy Silvers

| 8th September 2013

Roanoke, Virginia, based photographic artist Andy Silvers is a growing internet phenomenon whose combination of photography and digital graphic design has taken the mediums in new and exciting directions. His ecclectic mix of visual storytelling, eroticism, horror, glamor, fashion, and pop culture is gaining a growing following among afficionadoes of pulp, pin up art, burlesque, […]

ZH-29: Czech’s angled barrel rifle

| 13th March 2013

The annals of small arms designs are filled with near perfect, odd and/or unsuccessful weapons. The Czech tradition of innovative small arms designs began in the early 20th century and continues to this day. In the 1920s, however, there was a semi-automatic rifle that should have received more attention, the ZH-29. A well-made rifle, the ZH-29 came […]